Almost Thanksgiving

I am going to start cooking today so I don’t go crazy tomorrow. I hope it all goes well. We forgot to take the turkey out until last night, so it will be fun trying to that it in time.

I felt my ovaries last night.. it was a sharp pain in my right side. I hope that means something is growing. Also had my acupuncture, a facial, and was on the Dave Ramsey show. It was a busy day!


Day One!

So.. today was my first ultrasound to see whether or not these shots I have been giving myself for 3 days are working. I was happy to find that I have several 6-7 mm follicles on each ovary.. probably about 6 or so on each side. Dr Winslow is actually cutting back my meds since I have responded so well. My lining is at 4mm. The shots seems to hurt worse and worse each time I get them.. the ones in the stomach burn a bit and it all gives me a constant headache. Luckily, it is no longer of migraine level like before. Have to go back up on Friday.. Black Friday for shopping. Maybe we will do out shopping in Jacksonville since we will be up there early. Not like we are really looking for anything in particular. Maybe some cheap blu-ray dvd’s.

Need to discuss the house we saw the other day,… listed for 179k 3.3 acres.. near Lake Dias. Maybe we should bid on it??