Second wind of hope…

Had my beat today.. definitely a negative. The nurse seemed surprised that I got my period. Said she sometimes sees people with breakthrough bleeding. I go back to the RE on Jan 8th and start my frozen cycle in Jan/Feb…

On a funny note, I have a “blonde” story for you…

This took place after me telling her I had bled..

nurse: So did you have anything frozen?

me: Frozen? Well, I did have some ice cream one night, but it was after I started bleeding.

nurse (laughing): No, did you have any embryos frozen?


the end

On Thursday,  I left for Newark.. I had alot of cramping.. then I stated spotting.. then bleeding. I got my period. It was light, but definitely a period. It is over now. I also took a HPT on Friday morning and it was BFN. I am devastated, but not surprised. I go for my POINTLESS Beta tomorrow.

back to work

Going on a 3 day tonight to PBI and SAN tomorrow.. only 4 days left till the beta test.  Haven’t been sleeping well… soo hot at night and sweaty. Woke up STARVING! Just had a bowl of cereal and I am still a little hungry.. but will not be eating any more!

Busy day for someone who lays around alot…

Ray had a pot luck lunch today.. I made corn pudding. It was decent.. last night I made fried corn, which was awesome and oh so unhealthy…

Today,.. more back pain and heartburn.. really can’t wait for Monday! Had my acupuncture too. Off to work tomorrow. I have been off so almost a month. It should make the next few days go by faster at least!!

emotions, emotions..

Just watched a show about women who didnt know that they were pregnant with twins.. I cried three times. So.. am I emotional from all this or in the beginnings of being pregnant? Hmm.. a little heartburn too.. 9 more days.

About to head to a housewarming party. I think the worse part of all this is that I can’t drink! I want a glass of wine! It would definitely make this wait much less stressful!

1 day post transfer…

I had my embryo retrieval on Saturday.. it was pretty quick. Well, for me it was only a second cause I was out. They only got 8 eggs… so of coarse all weekend I am upset and worried about how many would fertilize. Luckily, Monday morning Dr. W called and I had 7 great embryos! I had 2 Grade 1 and 5 Grade 2. He said he rarely sees Grade 1, and most people get pregnant with grade 2. So I went in for a 3 day transfer of 1 Grade 1 and one Grade 2… One had been downgraded overnight… He did say there isn’t a difference in the pregnancy rates though between the 2 grades. So,.. I go in for my blood test on dec. 21st.

This morning I get a incredible email from J. Bruner… who I haven’t talked to in, oh, 17 years…

Here it is:

Hey Stacy – how are you? It’s been so great to reconnect with you over FB and see what you’re up to – although I must admit as much as I love FB, sometimes I get overwhelmed with everyone I want to reach out to and never get the chance to do so! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I had the most vivid dream about you last night – you were walking onto a plane (one with the outdoor stairs), and you must have been 6 or 7 months pregnant. You were radiant – smiling and so happy – as you rubbed your stomach and waved to me and my cousin Kirstin (do you remember her?) who were sitting inside the plane already. I remember telling Kirstin how cool your maternity shirt was (ok, I know, that probably sounds weird, but maternity clothes can still be SO ugly). It was just a really pleasant dream – and I woke up wanting to share it with you! Not to freak you out – but right before I got pregnant several people (most were random, friends I hadn’t spoken to in a long time) kept telling me they had dreams I was pregnant. So weird!

Anyway, hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! If you ever find yourself in Manhattan, please let me know.


Now tell me that didn’t shock me and give me chills!!! I definitely believe it is a sign from someone I love telling me that this will work!!

Day 11

The U/S went well, I suppose. My lining is up to 8mm.. he always says “with a  T” after it.. I think he means triple stripe. I hope he means triple stripe!

I still have alot of eggs.. the left size has pretty bigs eggs but the right side is lagging behind. Had one more dose of Bravelle and go back in this afternoon. My E2 levels were in the 1300’s.. so that is good, normal.

We get our new bed delivered today! Yay! We also haven’t heard back on the bid on the house yet.. I hope they don’t ignore it and send it to auction anyway…

Day 8

Went for another u/s on Friday. I have about 20 follicles. Dr is afraid of OHSS and has changed me to 2 bravelle, no menopur. Lining is 7mm. Called today and my estradiol was 675 on Friday. Go back again tomorrow. Feel good.. went to Louisville last minute on Friday and got back tonight, Monday. Had a good time and everyone was glad to see us.