1 day post transfer…

I had my embryo retrieval on Saturday.. it was pretty quick. Well, for me it was only a second cause I was out. They only got 8 eggs… so of coarse all weekend I am upset and worried about how many would fertilize. Luckily, Monday morning Dr. W called and I had 7 great embryos! I had 2 Grade 1 and 5 Grade 2. He said he rarely sees Grade 1, and most people get pregnant with grade 2. So I went in for a 3 day transfer of 1 Grade 1 and one Grade 2… One had been downgraded overnight… He did say there isn’t a difference in the pregnancy rates though between the 2 grades. So,.. I go in for my blood test on dec. 21st.

This morning I get a incredible email from J. Bruner… who I haven’t talked to in, oh, 17 years…

Here it is:

Hey Stacy – how are you? It’s been so great to reconnect with you over FB and see what you’re up to – although I must admit as much as I love FB, sometimes I get overwhelmed with everyone I want to reach out to and never get the chance to do so! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I had the most vivid dream about you last night – you were walking onto a plane (one with the outdoor stairs), and you must have been 6 or 7 months pregnant. You were radiant – smiling and so happy – as you rubbed your stomach and waved to me and my cousin Kirstin (do you remember her?) who were sitting inside the plane already. I remember telling Kirstin how cool your maternity shirt was (ok, I know, that probably sounds weird, but maternity clothes can still be SO ugly). It was just a really pleasant dream – and I woke up wanting to share it with you! Not to freak you out – but right before I got pregnant several people (most were random, friends I hadn’t spoken to in a long time) kept telling me they had dreams I was pregnant. So weird!

Anyway, hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! If you ever find yourself in Manhattan, please let me know.


Now tell me that didn’t shock me and give me chills!!! I definitely believe it is a sign from someone I love telling me that this will work!!

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