Check #1

I had my first follicle check today.. it basically the same as last time. My E2 was 204.. a little higher than last time. I have 13 measurable follies.. mostly around 7mm.. a few 6mm, and a couple 8mm. SO, of coarse they lowered my dosage to 2 bravelle and 1 menopur. Better than last time, but I wish it hadn’t been lowered at all. I thought the last round I had over 20 follies… even though not all were that big.. apparently my last check I only had 13 that were big enough to trigger. Anyway.. I did get off for one trip.. still need to get off for one more. Might go to Louisville tomorrow. The thought of going to an airport right now make me want to scream.

Here I am again… Fresh #2

So, since the last frozen cycle didn’t work.. we are back. We took a little break after the frozen cycle and tried naturally for 2 months without success. The RE said it should have worked and the embryos were good… it just didn’t. This time around they are going to be more aggressive. I had my bloodwork and scan today and I started 3 bravelle and 1 menopur tonight. This time around we will be doing AZH.. since I am over 35, and have has 2 failed cycles. I will say I am more relaxed this time than last.. at least for the moment!