it’s bad, it’s good, it’s time…

So I drive up to Jacksonville on Friday and saw the doc… I had lots of follies, but only about 6 measuring big enough. Many were still around 12mm… so of course I was very upset to think that I was taking more meds, my E2 is very high (3608) and I may only get 6 eggs, less than last time. He told me to take one more night and come back on Saturday, the next day, today. Today I saw a different RE. Actually, I kinda like the other one better, just a friendlier guy, not that mine isn’t friendly, just more doctorly. Good news many seemed to catch up a bit to like 15mm. He says we should get more than last time. He also thinks that I may have only got 8 last time because they were cautious on the amount of HCG they gave me last time. He said that is like the golden ticket and without enough of it the eggs won’t be mature. He said he has seen cases where they are doing the ER and no eggs are found and after checking the blood of the person, turns out they didn’t have enough HCG or didn’t administer it correctly. I can’t even imagine. So, he gave me a higher dose of HCG this time. I go in Monday morning at 9am..

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