Third time is a charm?

Out of 22 lovely oocytes, all 22 fertilized!! What are the odds?! That is crazy unheard of! They froze 12 on day 2, and grew 10 out to blast. I had 2 blast transferred today and am already sick of lying around especially since I did that all week cause I felt like I truck ran over me. So, when I went in, 6 were still at the morula stage, 1 was fragmented, whatever that means, and one was still at 8 cells. I hope those six  (or all 8!) make it to blast. At that point, they will be frozen. So, I am guessing we should have at least 2 more transfers with the leftovers. My beta is June 22nd.

“He settles the barren woman in her home as the happy mother of children. Praise the Lord” Psalm 113:9

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