2nd Ultrasound!

Yes, we still have a heartbeat and a growing baby! Baby doubled just like he/she should. Sac and fluid look great, and I have GRADUATED to my regular OB! Leaving the Re’s office is bitter sweet. I like the people there and will miss seeing them. I also trust them.. Granted, I LOVE my midwife and look forward to seeing her too! I am being weaned off the estrogen and progesterone. I will be off the estrogen in a week and the progesterone in 4 weeks. Not looking forward to the crinone, but I am looking forward to only ONE MORE SHOT!!!

I talked to one of my BFF’s today, Lynn, and turns out she is knocked up too! She is due Jan 15th! I am so excited! We will be so close together it will make getting together fun!  Also, another friend, Nancy, is pregnant too! She is only 5 days behind me and has also been struggling, so I am over the moon for her!

Will post a pic in a bit.. the baby looks like a bean! Major heartburn this afternoon…  Today I am 8 weeks, 1 day.


Maybe it’s the fact that I am more relaxed now knowing I am not carrying around a blighted ovum or something else equally depressing, but I am HUNGRY. Last night, I had 3 dinners. Then I had dessert. I was finally satisfied and of coarse had a stomach ache. I peed 2 times last night, but at least the first one I think I did sleep walking.. I had breakfast around 830am and I am hungry again and ready for a nap.

I am going back to work on Friday.. not by choice.. but I have my friend Jennifer’s wedding on Saturday. I have been on a sick call, and needed to make myself active. Ray is not coming.. I figured it will just be easier.. flights don’t look good either way. Not that I look forward to going to a wedding solo… I hope I still fit in my shirt. I don’t think I have gained any weight, but if I keep eating like I am.. I will soon enough.

The day of TRUTH

WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT! After waiting in the room wearing a t-shirt and paper-towel skirt for almost an hour, I thought I was going to freak. Ray and I almost grabbed the wand and did it ourselves! The heartbeat is strong and the baby is measuring on time.  He said the placenta looks good. I go back in a week for another ultrasound at which point I will be told how to wean off the progesterone and estrogen and will be released to my OB!! Today is officially one of the best days, if not THE best day of my life so far! Please God, bless this child!

Let’s go visit mommy in the padded room…

So, the spotting, or spot, stopped until this morning when I had another, darker, spot. I called the nurse and she said not to worry unless it is red… brown and pink are ok. Said it could be implantation spotting. I gave myself a little extra PIO just incase. Not that that is that easy finding a spot for it! My rear is covered in golf ball size knots. Fun. Just gotta make it to Tuesday for the ultrasound…


This morning when I went to the bathroom, the toilet paper was lightly tinged with brown.. so now I am greatly concerned. I know that spotting it common in early pregnancy, especially IVF pregnancy.. but it still has me feeling like the flag of doom is flying over head. Does the worry ever end?

22 everywhere..

Just thought I would mention all the 22 stuff related to this pregnancy.

1) my birthday is 5/22 ( not that it has changed, lol)

2) I got 22 eggs

3) 22 eggs fertilized

4) my 3rd beta (the most important one) was 422

5) my due date is 2/28  = 228

That’s all I’ve got for today.

5 weeks 4 days…

Well, I never thought I would be here. Of coarse, every time I go to the bathroom, I expect to see blood. But luckily no. I go for my first ultrasound on 7/14/10 at 7 weeks 2 days. I could go 2 days earlier, but the doctor is off that day.  I have been grounded by the nurse until after the U/S.. fine by me.

Last night in the middle night, I woke up with one of my painful cramps.. it made me nauseous and sweaty and lasted about 10 minutes. I am so afraid it could have harmed the baby… Please God, let it be ok.

My boobs are getting more sore.. no nausea.. and today my back is killing me. Not sure if that is because of the pregnancy or from the crappy bed… I am soo tired today too.. can’t seem to wake up. I am much more tired in the morning, but normal in the evening.

That’s about all..