Maybe it’s the fact that I am more relaxed now knowing I am not carrying around a blighted ovum or something else equally depressing, but I am HUNGRY. Last night, I had 3 dinners. Then I had dessert. I was finally satisfied and of coarse had a stomach ache. I peed 2 times last night, but at least the first one I think I did sleep walking.. I had breakfast around 830am and I am hungry again and ready for a nap.

I am going back to work on Friday.. not by choice.. but I have my friend Jennifer’s wedding on Saturday. I have been on a sick call, and needed to make myself active. Ray is not coming.. I figured it will just be easier.. flights don’t look good either way. Not that I look forward to going to a wedding solo… I hope I still fit in my shirt. I don’t think I have gained any weight, but if I keep eating like I am.. I will soon enough.

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