2nd Ultrasound!

Yes, we still have a heartbeat and a growing baby! Baby doubled just like he/she should. Sac and fluid look great, and I have GRADUATED to my regular OB! Leaving the Re’s office is bitter sweet. I like the people there and will miss seeing them. I also trust them.. Granted, I LOVE my midwife and look forward to seeing her too! I am being weaned off the estrogen and progesterone. I will be off the estrogen in a week and the progesterone in 4 weeks. Not looking forward to the crinone, but I am looking forward to only ONE MORE SHOT!!!

I talked to one of my BFF’s today, Lynn, and turns out she is knocked up too! She is due Jan 15th! I am so excited! We will be so close together it will make getting together fun!  Also, another friend, Nancy, is pregnant too! She is only 5 days behind me and has also been struggling, so I am over the moon for her!

Will post a pic in a bit.. the baby looks like a bean! Major heartburn this afternoon…  Today I am 8 weeks, 1 day.

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