Sweet Sweet Baby…

Today we had our 12 week ultrasound and NT scan. Everything looks perfect! The NT was 1.05 which is perfect, and baby’s nose body is as it should be. It measured 12 weeks, 2 days. One day behind but the girl said that is like splitting hairs.. The heartbeat was 165. Baby moved a little bit, but slept mostly. He/she did wave once which was really cool!  I am very happy!!

I found the heartbeat!

So, a few weeks ago I bought a doppler online for $64… I tried it out right away and found what I thought was the baby’s heartbeat… only to find out it was my own. I tried it again the next week and the next and found nothing. The midwife tried too and didn’t find it… she said it was very early. So, today, with low expectations, I tried again and I am 99% sure I found it!! It was unlike anything I have found before and very fast. I don’t know what else it could be! 🙂

So, tomorrow, I go for my 12 wk ultrasound and NT scan. I pray all is well. We also find out if we get our dream house tomorrow. I pray we do. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to that boost of energy!

So, I am 11 weeks 1 day today. I still feel tired around lunch until the evening. Only 9 more days of pills and Crinone.

I had my first appointment with Carmel last week. She is my midwife. She was so happy to see me and I her! The appt basically consisted of filling out paperwork, peeing in a cup, going to get blood drawn at quest where you pee in a cup again. They make you pay for a circumcision your 7th month pregnant if you are having a boy.. I wonder how that will work if we aren’t finding out the sex?

I go for my NT scan next week, the 19th. So, I am nervous all over again!

Whoever invented Crinone….

..should be fired.  Sure, it’s nice to not have to give myself a shot and have painful welts and bruises all over my bum.. but this stuff, is just plain wrong. After the first week, I thought (foolishly..) well, maybe it is absorbing! Then I looked in the mirror. If someone didn’t know better you’d think I have a horrible infection or disease.  So, I got a good bit of it out.. gotta make way for more. Only 18 more days of it, and I stop my pills in 4 days. Yay!

So, tomorrow I am 10 weeks.. going to the OB appt on Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing Carmel, my midwife. I just love her! I doubt I will get  an u/s… but it would be a nice surprise!

I am still feeling good, getting a little thicker. My gums tasted bloody after I brushed my teeth last night which they say 50% of pregnant women have. Still very very tired. Pretty darn hungry today too!

(Crinone is a progesterone supplement gel)