Whoever invented Crinone….

..should be fired.  Sure, it’s nice to not have to give myself a shot and have painful welts and bruises all over my bum.. but this stuff, is just plain wrong. After the first week, I thought (foolishly..) well, maybe it is absorbing! Then I looked in the mirror. If someone didn’t know better you’d think I have a horrible infection or disease.  So, I got a good bit of it out.. gotta make way for more. Only 18 more days of it, and I stop my pills in 4 days. Yay!

So, tomorrow I am 10 weeks.. going to the OB appt on Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing Carmel, my midwife. I just love her! I doubt I will get  an u/s… but it would be a nice surprise!

I am still feeling good, getting a little thicker. My gums tasted bloody after I brushed my teeth last night which they say 50% of pregnant women have. Still very very tired. Pretty darn hungry today too!

(Crinone is a progesterone supplement gel)

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