Level 2 Ultrasound

Today was our detailed ultrasound! Everything is perfect!! They checked the heart, brain, spine, lip, arms, legs, etc..

Baby weighs 14 oz. Average for 21 weeks is 10-11 oz… so by my standards baby is a bit ahead! I know the sex, but since Ray wants it a secret.. a secret it shall remain.

Here are some pics..

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My body is not a wonderland..

Ray and I leave for Key West tomorrow for our babymoon/2 year anniversary/use the time share before it expires trip. I haven’t been since middle school and am looking forward to going back and not having to get on a plane!! It will be a long drive but hopefully half of it will be pretty once we are in the keys.

So.. in preparation for this trip, I tried on my bikini.


So, unless I want to look like I work in strip joint in Holly Hill I need a new bathing suit. The top is way too small.. the cups floweth over. Luckily I found a cute one on clearance at Target .. since bathing suit season is over.. the selection is slim. I had to get a large. It was a depressing day. Seeing myself in it was even more depressing. I look like an overweight out of shape housewife from Cleveland. I need a tan, asap. The belly still looks like a gut. It is getting higher though. I believe my fundus (uterus) is up to my belly button now. I found the baby’s heartbeat directly below my belly button today. Pretty cool.