I had an ob appt yesterday… and I have not gained any weight in the last 2 weeks. Surprising seeing that it was Christmas…   anyway, they measured my fundal height (the length of your uterus) 2 weeks ago. It should be a cm for each week of pregnancy.. so I am 31 weeks it should be 31cm plus or minus 3cm. 2 weeks ago I was 28cm.. and now I am 27cm. So, next week I get to go in to a amniotic fluid check and growth check.. the midwife did say it could be that 2 different people measured me but they are going to check her growth anyway. So, of coarse I am concerned, but I am looking forward to seeing her face again 🙂

I also video taped my belly moving.. kinda cool. Gotta figure out how to put it on here though..

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