About this pregnancy…

So I don’t forget…

1) never had morning sickness.. only gagged first few months when I brushed my teeth.

2) No swollen ankles..

3) hands hurt like hell in the morning or after a nap

4) no stretch marks!! yay

5) 36b to 38d. Oh my.

6) not gassy

7) crazy heartburn and indigestion

8 ) low in iron, on supplements. That makes other things more difficult.

9) milk and sweet tea taste really really good. But not together.

10) Nectarines are da bomb.

11) hard to roll over towards the end.. can feel everything shifting and it ain’t fun.

12) can feel baby’s arms and legs.. which is way cool.

13) backne. gross.

14) linea negra.. yes. but not too dark.. thick to my belly button and like a piece of spaghetti the rest of the way up.

15) hot flashes exist.

Come to the light..

I had another ultrasound on Monday to check Avery’s size because at the last appointment I was still measuring 4cm smaller than normal. Her fluid is fine and she is approx 6lbs 7oz, which is small-ish but normal. Doesn’t sounds small to me! BUT.. she is still transverse/breech. They call it Frank Breech where her legs are up by her head. A concern for my is hip dysplasia..

She is still looking beautiful and I think the poor thing has my nose.

They offered for me to try an external version where they try to manually manipulate the baby into position from the outside… so I scheduled it. Then I talked to Bekah.. Ray’s best friend’s wife, a labor and delivery nurse. She said if it were her, she would not do it. Being my first baby, everything is tight. Plus, a friend of hers had one done and now the baby has cerebral palsy and they don’t know, nor will they ever, if it had something to do with the version. So, I cancelled it. Even a 1 percent chance of that for me is too high. I don’t want to stress me or the baby out.. I’ll take the c-section.

So, the week of the 20th she will be here! We are hoping for the 22nd and if you’ve been reading this lame blog you’ll know why. I will find out for sure on the 15th at my next appt. I can’t wait to meet my little girl!!!


some more pics..



Her latest portrait..



37 weeks 3 days