About this pregnancy…

So I don’t forget…

1) never had morning sickness.. only gagged first few months when I brushed my teeth.

2) No swollen ankles..

3) hands hurt like hell in the morning or after a nap

4) no stretch marks!! yay

5) 36b to 38d. Oh my.

6) not gassy

7) crazy heartburn and indigestion

8 ) low in iron, on supplements. That makes other things more difficult.

9) milk and sweet tea taste really really good. But not together.

10) Nectarines are da bomb.

11) hard to roll over towards the end.. can feel everything shifting and it ain’t fun.

12) can feel baby’s arms and legs.. which is way cool.

13) backne. gross.

14) linea negra.. yes. but not too dark.. thick to my belly button and like a piece of spaghetti the rest of the way up.

15) hot flashes exist.

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