This post is for my best friend, who is baby challenged. Granted, I am finding out, so am I….

1) babies fart alot. They even left their leg sometimes to do it. And it’s loud.

2) They poop alot. It looks like mustard. Luckily is doesn’t have much of a smell. Yet.

3) They hiccup alot. It drives you crazy.

4) They spit up and you change your clothes and their clothes often.

5) You and baby permanently smell like milk.

6) The squeak, squeal,  grunt, and growl when you want to sleep.

7) What you eat can make or break your day if you are breastfeeding.

8 ) They like ceiling fans, and recently discovered screen savers.

9) At least once a day you will be peed on when changing a diaper.

10) They know when you leave the room, and they don’t like it.

11) When they smile at you, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.. no matter how tired, cranky, or overwhelmed you are… you forget about it all in that moment.

12) You will kill anyone who hurts them. Literally.


Avery Marin is here!

On 2/22/11 at 9:44am, a daughter was born! She weighed 7lbs, 10 oz and was 21 inches long!! So much for a small, 33rd percentile baby! The c-section went well.. the only traumatizing part was seeing my fat naked preggo body in the mirror on the way, legs spread open with a bunch of people in the room. Talk about humiliating. Anyway, she is just beautiful and I love her with all my heart and soul…

Ray of coarse eventually had to leave the room for some air.. he was sweating like a pig from nerves and all… poor guy.  After they cleaned her up she and Ray left and went to the nursery while they stitched me up.  Turns out I have a funky shaped uterus which is why she couldn’t turn.. small septum and bigger on the right than the left (but I wonder if that is because the baby made it grow bigger on that side). So, she couldn’t have been turned after all.

After what seemed like being in a dark office recovery room for awhile, they let me go to my room as soon as I could move my legs. Then I could see her for more than a millisecond. She has blue eyes and some brown hair. The nurses sad is looks curly and she will probably be blond cause of her eyebrows and eyeleashes. She also has incredibly long toes! Guess I lost the toe war with Ray… long fingers too, like me.

So, after birth they gave her some formula because her sugar was low.. which bothered me but I understand why.Then at 30 hours they check their bilirubin. Hers was elevated meaning they told me to supplement. In hindsight that wasn’t necessary, but they scared me that she wouldn’t go home. Turns out if is common among white babies, babies with a different blood type than the mother (she is O+, I am A+), and breastfed babies.. I only did it for 24 hours.

The first night was rough.. she was up feeding  all.night.long. We were not prepared for that and I thought to myself.. tomorrow she is going to the nursery. But, we didn’t do it and the next night was a bit better.. we were at least somewhat prepared. So, now at night she feeds about every 3 hours.. and daytime is very sporadic. Sometimes every hours, sometimes 3-4 hours.

I have lost most of my pregnancy weight to what I call the “sweat like a whore in church” diet. I cannot sleep without waking up drenched in sweat. Quite nasty and uncomfortable. But I am now down to 145lbs this morning from 166lbs pregnant, and 159lbs when I got home from the hospital 8 days ago. Not too shabby. I got my wedding ring back on. Barely.

So.. here are some pics..

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