FET #4..

Are we really here again? I thought after having a baby the desperate feeling for a baby would pass. But they don’t. Especially as the fertile world around you keeps popping them out. 4 friends had babies this week. But, two were fellow infertiles, so it gives me a smidge of hope. We are in the middle of FET #4. The third after Avery. The last two we transferred 2 then 3. Both BFN, obviously. I am going to transfer 3 again this time if I have my say. Go for my lining check tomorrow. If this one doesn’t work we are going to transfer to a new clinic. I was halfway transferred when they wanted to do a hyseroscopy, but couldn’t for 3 weeks. The delay prompted us to do one last fet with our original doctor. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky. I kinda feel numb though with no hope. I felt the same way with Avery’s cycle..