FET #6

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought it would take so many tries for baby #2, I wouldn’t have believed it. When I got all those embryos, I thought I would have more than I needed and would have to make some horrible decision one day with what to do with them. Maybe God works in mysterious ways.. cause that has not been the case. I am gearing up for my 4th post Avery transfer. I have switched to a new doctor in Orlando after my other doctor would not change up my protocol, look for some other reason it wasn’t working or anything at all. His view on ivf is either the embryo is good or it isn’t. While that is true, they are so many other factors! So, to make a long story short, I switched and paid a ridiculous $750 fee to transfer my embies. I have 7 left. 2 don’t look good.

Firstly, I found out I do not have PCOS! Can you believe it?! The re said he sees no cysts and I have no symptoms at all! I can’t believe Dr W never refuted what the obgyn diagnosed me with… So, with that knowledge I feel like maybe my eggs aren’t bad. Many women with PCOS have lower quality embies. I guess we are now in the unknown category or Male Factor category. Granted.. maybe my hubbie should be retested too!

So, this past month we started a new protocol using Femara. The doc said he has had much success with people who have thin linings (which mine is usually the minimum of 7mm and my periods are light). Of coarse, Murphy followed me, and my lining only got to 6mm, shrinking to 5.5 a couple days later. I was canceled.

Then the nurse said I had to take month off. Which to an infertile, is like a life sentence. I also took a leave for Nov and didn’t want it to go to waste! So after crying on the phone, I got a call a couple of days later saying I could start again. This month I am doing Lupron and Estrace. I start Lupron today. I hate Lupron. it gives you wicked headaches. That is where we are… I’ll try to update more often. Next appointment in 10 days.

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