The things we do to get pregnant….

So, my new protocol was the lupron estrace protocol. Lupron every day starting 10 days before AF up until day 14. My first lining check was day 7 .. it was only 5.5-6.. they like to see it at 7.5-8. I have only gotten that thick during a fresh cycle. So, they had me start doing one does of estrace vaginally. On day 14 my lining was just barely a 7. He said it is bare minimum but should fluff up once I start the PIO. They are going to double check it the day before to make sure. God, I hope it fluffs up. I would be devasted with another cancellation.

Also , I am apparently allergic to taking estrace vaginally. Started to develop a very uncomfortable reaction.. Also.. they remind me of crinone in the sense that eventually what goes up must come down.

The doc also said they haven’t seen many pregnancies from twice frozen embie, which of coarse upsets me greatly. He did say they rarely refreeze though. I did some googling and found some studies that show the pregnancy rates were no different as long as they make the thaw. I told him 17 of 22 embryos made it to blast which he said leads him to believe they are genetically sound and strong and maybe it is my lining that is the problem. They agreed to put in 3 which they almost never do, due to my history. I am on a bunch more meds compared to the old RE. Two different steroids to help with embryo rejection. They may do assisted hatching as well depending on what they look like after the thaw.