Close to getting started..

One week of birth control left. I start lupron in 3 days. I hate lupron… it’s ok the first 10 days or so,.. but then you get wicked headaches that you can’t put a dent in. I went to the doc last week and got my protocol. I go for bloodwork the 25th and hopefully will start Delestrogen that night. I guess it will depend on whether or not I have gotten my period. I have decided to do acupuncture this time. I did it in the past, and it didn’t seem to help. But I am willing to try again. The nurse told me I am only the 5th person they have tried this protocol on.. it worked on 2 people. Ugh. I am hoping since I am close to where I need to be, it will be just enough. Next step I guess, would be stims, and in that case we may do a fresh.

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