So, I have had alot on my mind lately… it keeps me from falling asleep. So, I have decided to write it all down and hopefully conquer each thing.

1) I was greatly stressed about my work sched for Feb. I will have alot of doc appointments.. and there is less and less flying out of Newark, pushing me down down down. Anyway, luckily today I found out I got a jobshare with another stew, so luckily this stress is off the table.

2) My mother in law got back with her unstable, angry outburst prone boyfriend. I do not want him around my daughter and don’t know if my husband will have the guts to tell her.
She has apparently lost her mind.

3) Money. Who doesn’t? After 3 failed cycles and 2 canceled cycles.. it is really adding up. On top of that I just got a new phone, which I know was my choice. But it still stresses me out.

4) Will this protocol work? Or will it be more money and time down the drain?

5) My best friend is moving to Oz.. and that makes me so incredibly sad.. ok that’s not a stress, but it’s on my mind.

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