Beta 14dp5dt

701!! Woot woot! I was super scared it would be low, but this is promising! The nurse said, “your results are very positive” awesome. Here’s praying it rises nicely on weds. My acupuncturist thinks its twins.. I’m not convinced, but will be happy either way!

Latest poas pic


Ok, it’s darker than the control. Yippee! Another first. Never tested enough with my last pregnancy to see that. Was too scared. Hoping for a great beta tomorrow.

Still waiting

I can’t believe I am still waiting for my beta. I swear its like the 4 week wait.. I haven’t tested again,.. Probably will again tomorrow or day of beta. Boobs still hurt and been a little hungrier. My lower back has been killing me. I don’t think it has anything to do with being pregnant.. It doesn’t feel like cramps or anything. Feel like when I have my typical back pain due to the bed. Ugh. People at the door. Gotta go.

Just a fuzz 10dp5dt


Only a fuzz darker, but getting closer to the control line. I’ve never been a poas addict… But it’s nice seeing it get darker. Also, never used a digital before.. Seeing that word is just plain awesome. Still in disbelief. Total disbelief.

Something else I have never seen… A darker line.


I am used to seeing blank white tests. I am also familiar to seeing lines that are very faint, my last pregnancy and a chemical I had when we started TTC. I have never seen it get darker. It is a nice, comforting site. I know we aren’t out of the woods, yet, but for this moment, I am happy. For anyone reading… (Is there anyone reading?) Don’t lose hope. And no, it ain’t easy.

For my future reference, should I ever need it… Here are my symptoms…

Since 7dp5dt – sore nipples
Today- boobs a little more sore, and tired this afternoon. No nausea ( which I only had when I brushed my teeth with last pregnancy. ) Starting to be thirsty.. Was always thirsty last time.