Beta 14dp5dt

701!! Woot woot! I was super scared it would be low, but this is promising! The nurse said, “your results are very positive” awesome. Here’s praying it rises nicely on weds. My acupuncturist thinks its twins.. I’m not convinced, but will be happy either way!

Still waiting

I can’t believe I am still waiting for my beta. I swear its like the 4 week wait.. I haven’t tested again,.. Probably will again tomorrow or day of beta. Boobs still hurt and been a little hungrier. My lower back has been killing me. I don’t think it has anything to do with being pregnant.. It doesn’t feel like cramps or anything. Feel like when I have my typical back pain due to the bed. Ugh. People at the door. Gotta go.

Just a fuzz 10dp5dt


Only a fuzz darker, but getting closer to the control line. I’ve never been a poas addict… But it’s nice seeing it get darker. Also, never used a digital before.. Seeing that word is just plain awesome. Still in disbelief. Total disbelief.

Something else I have never seen… A darker line.


I am used to seeing blank white tests. I am also familiar to seeing lines that are very faint, my last pregnancy and a chemical I had when we started TTC. I have never seen it get darker. It is a nice, comforting site. I know we aren’t out of the woods, yet, but for this moment, I am happy. For anyone reading… (Is there anyone reading?) Don’t lose hope. And no, it ain’t easy.

For my future reference, should I ever need it… Here are my symptoms…

Since 7dp5dt – sore nipples
Today- boobs a little more sore, and tired this afternoon. No nausea ( which I only had when I brushed my teeth with last pregnancy. ) Starting to be thirsty.. Was always thirsty last time.

Progesterone, you are not my friend.

So, I finally got the insurance to cover my endometrin.. as it stated they do on their web site. Big difference between $30 and $300. Glad I looked. But, as far as progesterone goes.. it makes you “feel” pregnant-ish. Heartburn, hunger, peeing during the night. Of coarse this is partly why people feel this way when naturally preggo. Anyway.. at least I know not to read into it. The waiting is killing me. I keep going back and forth in my head.. there is no way this will work, it hasn’t so many times and who knows if the 2nd embie is any good to different protocol, thicker lining, new meds, assisted hatching. Sigh…

Today is Valentines Day..  I woke to flowers, a card, and a chocolate chip cookie cake. YUM. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a very sweet surprise. Going to make spaghetti with a leak and bacon cream sauce for dinner for my love ❤

Trying to see the glass half full…

So it went… ok. They had to thaw all 7 The first 5 did not survive.
They were the ones that were my refrozen blasts. The 2 that did survive and
were transferred were my day 6’s that were only frozen once. Usually all of
mine survive, but goes to show refrozen blasts are no bueno. One wasnt
great at 4cb (4 being most expanded) and the other was fully expanded right before hatching and they couldn’t grade it. It was past the grading stage.
So.. if this doesnt work we would have to do another fresh
That makes me sad but also makes our decision much easier. They did
assisted hatching so hoping that helped. Old re wouldn’t do assisted
hatching on blasts. Got a picture of them for the first time too..

A pleasant surprise

8.92mm!!!  WOW. I honestly expected to go in and have the worst lining ever. Wasn’t experiencing much EWCM, like I did on other meds. Also, only taking it twice a week makes you feel unmedicated, lol. So, I start PIO tonight (lining check was yesterday) and also a Zpack. On the 10th, I start Medrol, a steroid, and transfer is the 11th!! WE ARE HERE! Gosh… now I need to stress about it actually working.

I called my Dad and told him about the checkup. For those of you reading, he is my rock. He is incredibly supportive spiritually and sometimes financially. Without his support, there would be no Avery or frostie tots. Anyway, he told me that the day before the lining check, he went to the Shrine of Lady of La Leche in St Augustine, FL. Saint of mothers, nursing mothers, and people wanting to become mothers. So, I told him, well, she listened!! Thank you thank you thank you… one thing down, one million more to go.

In other news, having my best friend living in Adelaide Au, is killing me.. I really miss picking up the phone to call her ALL THE TIME and this skype stuff is for the birds. It only works well on my laptop, and don’t want to leave that open at all times.. not to mention a 15.5 hour time difference. Her baby bird (we call each other Bird as nicknames) is due in about 7 weeks… so sometime soon I will be doing a journey over there. (Good thing I fly for free.) Unless of coarse, I am pregnant with triplets of something crazy. (We are transferring 3 if they all make the thaw, due to my history).

All right, off to take Avery to the library for story and gym time. Gonna take advantage of this positive burst of energy.