A pleasant surprise

8.92mm!!!  WOW. I honestly expected to go in and have the worst lining ever. Wasn’t experiencing much EWCM, like I did on other meds. Also, only taking it twice a week makes you feel unmedicated, lol. So, I start PIO tonight (lining check was yesterday) and also a Zpack. On the 10th, I start Medrol, a steroid, and transfer is the 11th!! WE ARE HERE! Gosh… now I need to stress about it actually working.

I called my Dad and told him about the checkup. For those of you reading, he is my rock. He is incredibly supportive spiritually and sometimes financially. Without his support, there would be no Avery or frostie tots. Anyway, he told me that the day before the lining check, he went to the Shrine of Lady of La Leche in St Augustine, FL. Saint of mothers, nursing mothers, and people wanting to become mothers. So, I told him, well, she listened!! Thank you thank you thank you… one thing down, one million more to go.

In other news, having my best friend living in Adelaide Au, is killing me.. I really miss picking up the phone to call her ALL THE TIME and this skype stuff is for the birds. It only works well on my laptop, and don’t want to leave that open at all times.. not to mention a 15.5 hour time difference. Her baby bird (we call each other Bird as nicknames) is due in about 7 weeks… so sometime soon I will be doing a journey over there. (Good thing I fly for free.) Unless of coarse, I am pregnant with triplets of something crazy. (We are transferring 3 if they all make the thaw, due to my history).

All right, off to take Avery to the library for story and gym time. Gonna take advantage of this positive burst of energy.

2 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise

  1. I applaud your perseverance! It’s really wonderful to see such dedication. And your father’s support is a blessing, too. I’m a filmmaker working on a documentary about infertility based on my own experience. I’d like to invite you to take a look at my new blog http://wp.me/p36jbT-U, and if you like it, join the support team at http://www.facebook.com/vodarfilms.
    I think it is tremendously important for every woman to feel loved and understood when in the times of trials. I want to share my own experience and start a wider dialogue on the subject because it is tremendously important. 4.5 million women every year seek treatment, and the public doesn’t want to know about it.
    I would be happy to hear from you, although I understand right now is the happy time. enjoy, and fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you Irina for reaching out! I think you may be my first comment in the 3-4 years I have kept this blog and that warms my heart. I look forward to reading your blog, watching your documentary and lending my support!

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