Progesterone, you are not my friend.

So, I finally got the insurance to cover my endometrin.. as it stated they do on their web site. Big difference between $30 and $300. Glad I looked. But, as far as progesterone goes.. it makes you “feel” pregnant-ish. Heartburn, hunger, peeing during the night. Of coarse this is partly why people feel this way when naturally preggo. Anyway.. at least I know not to read into it. The waiting is killing me. I keep going back and forth in my head.. there is no way this will work, it hasn’t so many times and who knows if the 2nd embie is any good to different protocol, thicker lining, new meds, assisted hatching. Sigh…

Today is Valentines Day..  I woke to flowers, a card, and a chocolate chip cookie cake. YUM. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a very sweet surprise. Going to make spaghetti with a leak and bacon cream sauce for dinner for my love ❤

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