A heartbeat!


Music to my ears. After a night of tossing and turning and dreams of measuring babies, we had a great ultrasound! The baby’s heartbeat was perfect at 150bpm. S/he is measuring 6w6d, I am 7w2d, he said that is within normal range. I compared the measurement of Avery’s first u/s at 7w1d and this baby is slightly larger. I know there is one day difference, but it is reassuring. I feel relieved. I know we still have some weeks til the first tri is over, but it is a big hurdle to overcome. I have been released to my Ob! I am changing obs so I can have a choice of what hospital to deliver at and my mid wife left my old practice…. So I have no love there anymore. Lots of friends have recommended this doc and I go see him on March 28th. Today was a great day!



This pregnancy seems to be changing my body 10x’s faster than the last time. My boobs are already flowing over and veiny, pants are tight, heartburn started today, and I actually have a very faint touch of nausea. That’s new to me. Never had morning sickness with Avery. I don’t know if it will turn onto that or not though. Oh.. and I am hungry for carbs, carbs, carbs. I bought potato bread today… what? Never did that before.  I am so so tired.. can’t seem to sleep past 530am. I hope this will pass…. I know it is common at the end, but now? really? Not cool.

10 more days til my u/s.  🙂

Ultrasound #1 5w3d

I apparently have baby brain, as i repeated yesterdays post, almost in entirety. Anyway, the ultrasound… For as far along as I am, they saw one perfect sac, complete with a yolk sac, fetal pole, and they could measure the crown to rump length of the baby as well. It was super hard to see though. Everything was just right. Could not see a reason for the bleeding. The bleeding was short lived, but scary. Praying everything stays ok and it doesn’t come back. Was told not to lift DD. So, I am taking it easy. Repeat beta was 7453, waaay more than double.

Too happy too soon?

I went to lunch today with hubby… Afterwards I walked around and went into some shops. Got a little crampy, but thought its just normal growing pains. After about an hour, I went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood. It took about 5 wipes to be clean. I immediately called DH to come home. Also had the answering service call the doc. He said I could be losing a twin if two implanted. The cramping and bleeding has stopped for now. It wasn’t enough to be a loss (yet?). I am very scared and very upset. Going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. I will be 5wks3days. Why does everything have to be such a challenge?

Beta #2 16dp5dt

1737! Holy cow! The lady drawing my blood asked me if twins would be ok (before the 2nd beta was drawn) and my acupuncturist thinks it’s twins. I am not convinced, but am excited to find out. First ultrasound will be on March 15th when I will be 7 weeks 2 days. Yes, that feels like a lifetime away.