A heartbeat!


Music to my ears. After a night of tossing and turning and dreams of measuring babies, we had a great ultrasound! The baby’s heartbeat was perfect at 150bpm. S/he is measuring 6w6d, I am 7w2d, he said that is within normal range. I compared the measurement of Avery’s first u/s at 7w1d and this baby is slightly larger. I know there is one day difference, but it is reassuring. I feel relieved. I know we still have some weeks til the first tri is over, but it is a big hurdle to overcome. I have been released to my Ob! I am changing obs so I can have a choice of what hospital to deliver at and my mid wife left my old practice…. So I have no love there anymore. Lots of friends have recommended this doc and I go see him on March 28th. Today was a great day!

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