10w2d ultrasound


….And we still are pregnant! I was so worried that I would go in and find baby I passed. I had no logical reason to think this other than I know it happens. Baby measured exactly 10w2d and was squirming all around and wiggling his/her arms and legs. It was awesome. Wow, I can’t believe there is life inside of me again. Simply amazing. We are going to the church n Dt Augustine tonight to pay thanks to Our Lady of La Leche, Mother Mary. The day before transfer we went and prayed and lit a candle for this to work after someone said go and pray to her. She listened.

Sorry the pic is so bad… It’s bad in person too. :/

Took the MaterniT21 test last week and should get results this coming week. It checks the sex and for the trisomies. Praying for good news with that too.

Only 6 more days of meds… Hallelujah. Ready for that to be done with!

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