Why people say the rudest things…

So, Friday night at dinner at my friend and neighbors’ house, we were talking about me being pregnant. So, my friend’s husband made a comment that they waited to tell anyone they were pregnant until three months cause the doc told them it was the highest risk the first 3 months. He said this to me and DH and I totally understand, most people wait. I told him that after they detect a heartbeat, the miscarriage rates drops below 5 percent. He didn’t know that. Now, lots of people know I am pregnant, mostly family and close friends, but I haven’t announced in FB and don’t plan to for a couple more weeks or so. Ok, so Sunday night, we are all at my other neighbors’ across the street. I was talking to the wife and she was asking me about flying and I mentioned that I haven’t been flying much cause I was pregnant. I told her cause we are friends and I am excited. So, like the broken record that neighbor #1 is, he interrupts me and says to everyone … well, we chose not to tell anyone until 3 months because that’s when the highest risk is of miscarriage. Ok, I am telling my friend I am pregnant and you want to start talking about miscarriages? I made it known I wasn’t happy about him saying that, but I am really fuming. I said something to my friend, his wife, too. She said he didn’t mean anything by it. Maybe not, but it was still rude and inappropriate. No pregnant woman wants to talk about miscarriage. He is a negative person in general and I tolerate him, but this realllly pissed me off and the most I think about it the more I wanna punch him in the face. What was his point? That I should shut my mouth? FWIW, I looked up the miscarriage rates… at 10 weeks with a HB detected, it is 0.6%. At 12 weeks, it is 0.5% and never gets lower than that. Why are some people so so stupid and rude? Basically he was telling me in not so many words, your baby may still die. I know saying that is dramatic, but that’s it, plain and simple. Jerk.
On a happier note, 11 weeks tomorrow and only 3 more days of meds 🙂

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