MaterniT21 results

After waiting almost 2 weeks , I got my results. Baby is negative for trisomies! I am very happy and relieved. I also found out the gender, it’s a BOY! I am so beyond happy, one of each! Now, my hubby doesn’t know the sex. Luckily, he doesn’t read this blog… I was convinced it would be a girl again cause of the same heart rate, and because I want a boy for my husband. I am so happy.

Also, been trying to find the heartbeat on my Doppler for a week or so now and was starting to worry a bit, especially since I stopped my meds 5 days ago. So, right when I yelled out, ” I can’t find the baby on this stupid thing!” I literally, one second later, heard that beautiful sound. Music to my ears. Avery is having fun with the Doppler too… I find her Putting on her heart, on her stuffed animals hearts, on her dad’s head… It is so cute 🙂


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