NT scan


Had my NT ultrasound yesterday. They check for a nose bone and fluid in the neck. Higher measurements can mean there is a chromosomal problem or heart problem. By the grace of God, our baby looked great! I had to go to the hospital to do the scan, and was unsure why. The doctor has an ultrasound tech.. Come to find out he is having me monitored by a MFM, Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor. A high risk doctor, due to my age and that it is ivf. Fine with me, I like the extra attention. I have my anatomy scan in 6 weeks and at that point they will start monitoring my cervical length. Apparently ivf women have an increased risk of preterm delivery. The baby will also get an echocardiogram because ivf babies have an increased risk of heart problems. My last doc never did any of this. Not that I am really worried, but I am glad I made the switch 🙂

My first appointment with the obgyn, I had gained 6 lbs already… Yikes. I was only 9 weeks. With Avery I only gained 5 the first trimester. Happily, I have not gained any more weight and am currently 13 weeks today. Back on track. Good thing my raging hunger has subsided.

I have a wicked cold… Sinus infection, touch of bronchitis. I was given some antibiotics and feel better all ready. I have one nostril to breathe though… It was really really awful not being able to breathe except through my mouth.

That’s all for now..

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