Removed from duty and placenta previa.

So, to catch you up.. A month ago in May 5th, we were rear ended in a car accident while in Kentucky. To be on the safe side, and since it wasn’t our fault, I decided to have baby checked out at the closest ER. There, they discovered that while baby looked great, I have complete placenta previa. I was told to follow up with my OB. Two days later, I had another u/s at my ob’s and his tech said, not previa just a low lying placenta.

Well.. She was wrong. I had my anatomy scan on June 4th at the hospital, when I meet with the MfM and I do have complete central placenta previa. It’s smack dab over my cervix and as low as it could be. Great. In good news, baby was perfect and I got to see the little face 🙂

So, later the same day I went to my obs and he concurred with the MFM that I should no longer fly due to the risk of hemorrhage. Things like needing blood on hand for delivery, bed rest, hospital bed rest, and finding family to help were disturbing. I am officially done flying now and filing for disability. I applied for a two year leave based on medical reason, and while initially denied, was approved today. Thank you God! I will keep my health insurance with this leave and not have to worry about cobra or have to go on my husband’s crappy, twice as expensive, insurance.

So, now I chill, take it easy and hope my placenta moves. They don’t think it will.. Oh and I’ll be lucky to make it to 36 weeks.. Forgot to add that. Ugh.