25 weeks 6 days


I feel huge. I am so much bigger than with Avery. Measuring ahead too. Measured small with Avery. So far no bleeding which is wonderful. Every day there are few minutes that go by that don’t involve me thinking about it. Will I have a nicu baby? Will I bleed to death? Need a hysterectomy? It’s all very stressful.

On the bright side, baby is doing wonderfully. Growth is right on track and the echocardiogram came back perfect. I have another ultrasound at 30 weeks. He is frank breech.. Common for placenta previa babies (as well as the measuring ahead). He is super active… Lots of kicking which is very cool except in the middle of the night 🙂 It is a lot harder to get around this time. Some days I just hurt.. I had some friends say the same about their second pregnancy as well. I take a nap every day with Avery though, which is nice 🙂 heartburn is killing me… On a script and over the counter but it never really goes away. And none of that head full of hair crap.. I am sure this kid will be bald too.