Everything hurts ….


So, this baby has found my rib. Avery was in my rib too. I believe he is in the exact same position. Granted with her it started earlier. Every time I walk, it hurts. Round ligament pain and just the sheer weight of my belly makes me feel like it is going to split open. Not trying to bitch… Just so different from last time. Well, I had this feeling last time but at the very very end. Must be old age 😉

Go for another ultrasound in a couple days… I can’t wait! I am going to ask if I can get the steroid shots just for good measure. I think it wold calm my nerves a bit. I made a birth plan. Never did that with Avery. I hope I actually get to use it.
I started Avery two days a week for 3 hours a day in pre school. It was awesome having a little me time…she seemed to really enjoy herself.

Also this is my 30 week bump.


So I thought I’d compare the differences between this pregnancy and the last one. 

1.  Had nausea til about 14 weeks,  on and off
2. No bacne, clear skin in general
3. More weight gained so far
4. Measuring ahead
5. Vericose veins. Ugh
6. Heartburn is worse
7. No linea negra yet,  unlike last time by 20 wks
8. No pregnancy mask, yet
9. Round ligament pain. Ouch.
10. Very active baby

Thats all I can think of for now…