Kellan Patrick is here!


I had been scheduled for a repeat c section on October 23rd but in the back of my mind was wondering if I would make it. I felt so different at the end of the pregnancy… Things were happening. Baby was very low. Lots of Braxton hicks. So, the weekend leading up to his arrival, I started having loose stool. I thought.. Either this is a sign of labor coming or I have a bug. But it wasn’t like run to the bathroom bad, just not the usual constipation I had for the last nine months. I also thought I lost part of my mucus plug. This was a very dry pregnancy. Never had any discharge whatsoever. Then I started to get a bunch of egg white and some watery discharge. I wondered on Sunday and Monday of maybe it was amniotic fluid… But it was a tiny amount and had no smell. I didn’t want to be a paranoid pregnant woman and be sent home for peeing my pants. So, I did nothing. Monday came.. I had the urge to repack my bag, print my birth plan, check the car seat out, walk to mall and neighborhood (and walking was a chore with baby so low), and that evening I took a second shower and washed my hair. After the shower I got ready for bed and felt a small pocket of fluid come out. I thought,.. Now maybe that was my water or plug. It was blood. I called DH inside and told him we were going to the hospital. I called the OB who told me to go to L&D.

At L&D , they hooked me up to monitors and turns out I was having contractions. The real ones. They were Braxton hicks. They didn’t hurt though which is why I didn’t think anything much of them. They were 5-7 minutes apart. As I was there over the course of an hour, the intensity increased, but still no pain. They do believe my water had broken but couldn’t check due to the blood.

I was prepped for a csection. My OB explained I needed a vertical incision. I asked him if he could, externally, do a higher up horizontal incision. He had told me they look better when healed, not like a butt on your abdomen. So, that is what he did.

I asked about the placenta… Had it cleared to low lying? He said is was more marginal and totally anterior.. He had to go almost the entire length of my uterus to get above it to get the baby.

I had forgotten about the shakes you get from a spinal. What misery! You shake like a crack head. It is so uncomfortable.

I did get to nurse much quicker than last time, while in recovery and I also saw his first bath.

He was a whopping 8lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. Born 10/15/13 at 1230am. I was 37 weeks and 6 days. No nicu or problems of any kind 🙂