Prayers from Children to God

My now 5 year old daughter has been praying for a little sister for some time. She is the girliest of girls and I think she wants that sisterly bond and quite frankly someone to dress up and paint nails on… After Kellan was born, we decided no more IVF. No more money, doctors, shots etc. Not to say we felt our family was complete.. but if it was going to happen it would have to happen the old fashioned way.

So when she was asking for a sister.. I told her she would pray to Jesus cause that was the only way it was going to happen. So pray she did.

Two months later, a BFP happened. A naturally occurring, strong , BFP.

Beta at 16dpo, 552. Beta at 20 dpo 3663. WOW

Heartbeat seen at 6w5d.

Due date November 19, 2016.

God is GOOD. Don’t give up.


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