What does fate have in store now?

So fate is being either kind or cruel. I am pregnant again. Shocking to say the least seeing how we did NINE ivfs for our two kids and I now I have gotten pregnant twice in four cycles. I am scared to death. I don’t know if I can handle any more heartbreak. The last miscarriage was really, really hard on me. It took a long time to stop crying every day. 

I have been doing acupuncture since early May. Initially to get my schedule back on track. She did. I had my period 30 days after my d&c even though I still was showing hcg in my system. That took almost TWO months to get below 5. Lucky me. The doc called in June and said it was ok to try and here I am pregnant in July. 

I am looking for hope. I am 41. Lots of people have babies at 41. Am I going it be one of them? I wish I knew. 

Prayers please if anyone is listening. 

Pics of tests. 
First is approx 10dpo. Not exactly sure the day I  ovulated. This was taken 11 days after a pos opk. Afternoon pee. 

12 days after pos opk

13 days after. 

Not a fan of the new curved frer. 

Today, 14 after on bottom. Yesterday’s on top. 

Not feeling much more confident but at least the line is getting darker. 
Doc appointment in 6 days.