I edited a post

And it bumped up. I haven’t lost this one yet. Been having back pain last couple of days. Hoping it is the same as when I had it with Kellan. My doctors office is taking a millennia to get my back my second beta. It was don’t yesterday morning. I know they have to have it. I will bug them in the morning. I am NOT waiting til Monday for the results. 


God, You’re a jerk.

I know people wont like seeing that. But I can’t say I care right now.

Betas sucked. 231 to 371 (50%)

371 to 930 (61%)


spotting 6w4d

bleeding 6w5d

beta 1700 something. Who knows. Who cares. It way too low.

So much for prayers from little girls.

So much for prayers in Miracle chapels in Rome where the Virgin Mary appeared.

It’s all about old eggs. The end.


Every natural pregnancy has ended in pregnancy.


Sac measured 5w2d