It’s a Boy ❤

We were going to let it be a surprise, but the truth is out. It’s another boy! 
I still have my previa and the icing on the cake is I get to worry about accreta too. That’s where it grows into your uterus resulting in hysterectomy and potentially massive blood loss. It’s considered very high risk and if found I will have a team of doctors present and deliver between 32 and 34 weeks. So prayers needed that doesn’t happen! I get an MRI at 32 weeks as well as monthly ultrasounds. I have about a 40% chance of getting it. Can’t say I like those odds. Also, due my placenta being in the position of basically underwear on me, even without accreta I could lose my uterus due to hemmorhage. Good times. No stress here. 

In good news, Baby looks perfect and is quite large .. at 23 w he was 1lb 9oz estimated. I am now almost 26w. 
No name picked. I think the debate will last for awhile…