17 more days. 

I am scheduled to deliver June 14th at 37+1. I have been extremely fortunate so far and have not had any bleeds from the previa. They changed my due date up by six days because baby was measuring so big. I do not think my dates are off by that much. I think maybe two days. Anyway.. I need the early delivery because of the classical incision I had the last time. It makes you at a high risk of rupture if you go into labor. 

I had an MRI at 32 weeks to check for accreta. That’s where your placenta grows into your scars and sometimes beyond meaning hysterectomy and potential massive blood loss. Lucky it shows clear. There’s is always the chance they find it at delivery. That would be bad but they will be prepared. I am at risk also for post delivery hemorrhage because the placenta is low and there are few muscles near your cervix to contract and stop the bleeding like normal. Good stuff. 

I am hopefull though  that all will go well like last time. Just get baby here safely. Praying his lungs are ready too.. especially since the due date was changed. He will be born on flag day. He was due on the Fourth of July. I guess he wants to make sure he is a patriot. 🇺🇸
Haven’t been able to see a good pic of his face. Here is a pic of me and my kiddos at 34w. It was my daughter’s Kindergarten graduation. 

The doc wants me to get my tubes tied. All docs have said no more kids cause of my risks. And I am ok with that. It’s just so.. final. It’s hard to mentally switch off the trying to get pregnant drive that I lived with for so many years. I have also heard some women have horrible periods after a tubal. Decisions. Decisions. 


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